i’m a huge music lover, it gets me through life in happy times and sad times. i absolutely love concerts. I’m a friend to many. i’ve always been a dreamer and have been told my head can sometimes be in the clouds, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m a believer and an proud aunt, I am crazy about my two nephews. I’m a daughter and a gemini. I believe in angels and something greater out there. I love to dance to oldies and rock n’roll to let go of the stress that comes with the work week. Family is love. Cottage life is a beautiful thing to me and I will end up living by a lake one day. I hope to meet eddie vedder in the future,  it would be a dream come true so i’m leaving that in the universe’s hands with complete faith. I am grateful.  I’m spiritual & real…and like many, I am trying to figure out this beautiful thing we call life while embracing it at the same time.

my all time favorite quote to live by is;

“i’ll ride the wave where it takes me….” – pearl jam

– maria

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