Today…I am thankful…

I said I’d write more….HA….last post, a month ago! oh come on Maria…

I would write in a journal but I find my writing is too damn messy and when it comes to a keyboard I can type fast so I just figure this is better….now..let me write something!! today I don’t really have anything specific I feel I want to write about so I’ll just go with it!

And now that I’ve stopped to think for a second I think I’m going to write about the thing’s I’ve been grateful for lately. The things that I have stopped to say thank you for. The things that have been making me smile which has seemed a little harder to do lately. This is always a good idea I think. So here is goes;

1. Waking up this morning – and every morning for that matter! I’ve get out of bed without saying thank-you! I woke up! This has become a habit and a good one!

2. Cuddling with my nephew Christopher last night on the couch while we watched his show. Well, while HE watched his show and I rested with my eyes closed behind him.

3. Having Christopher over last week for a sleep over! I swear his the cutest kid in the world and I love having him poke me in the morning while saying “zia, it’s time to wake up now..”

4. My cousin Bella – just because! I am always grateful for her and forever will be. She just understands me better than anyone else in this world. She gives the meaning to “soul sister” and her hugs always make you feel good/better!

5. My friends Certain ones that I’ve connected with more lately on a spiritual level. They are reminding me that I am not alone and I am understood on that spiritual level and not looked at as “crazy” for believing in angels, in destiny, in miracles, in love.

6. The laughs I do have with these friends I’ve become closer to. Drunk and all….we just give one another good company! And we all need good company.

7. Sleep. Being able to get into bed, closing my eyes and drafting away into my sleep so easily.

8. Being safe – knowing I have angels around me protecting me all the time. Even my grandfathers I’m sure of it. Zi Bianca & Maria too! The belief I have knowing they are there watching all of us.

9. Andrew’s cute little voice when he calls my name or laughs!

10. Booking a cottage recently for this upcoming August – knowing a lot of fun exciting events (weddings, birthdays etc) are on their way and shortly after a week away by the water – my heaven on earth for sure! I get to bring Eddie too 🙂 happy about this!

11. Monday night yoga classes.

12. The sunshine & warm weather we’re finally getting! – It always helps you feel good!

13. My apartment, my own space that I get to invite my friends over to so we can spend time together or just relaxed in by myself late at night watching one of my many shows!

14. Knowing the family will be together all weekend. I love seeing my grandparents and cousins!

15. My mother & father….for so many reasons!

16. Going to bed every night able to say THANK YOU – to God, to the universe, to my angels, to papa gigi, nonno pietro, Zi Bianca and Maria for keeping everyone around me safe!! For having another day to be thankful for. For opening my eyes within to be able to realize this. To realize just how lucky I really am!

Making this long list made me feel really good…I should defiantly do this more often ❤


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