a year….

almost a year since i’ve logged on and left a few words on my computer screen. hmmm….I thought I’d keep it up! guess not…not surprised though! I always start things and never finish them (note to self: finish what you start) it’s defiantly a bad habit and I gotta try my best to change it!

What’s made me come back?! well it has been in the back of my mind for a few weeks now! Not to mention on New Years day my cousins and I got together and made dream boards for 2014! It was a beautiful day – making those dream boards! I loved every minute of it and it was all thanks to my cousin bella who set it all up for us. She’s such a beautiful soul ❤

i think I don’t write so much because I’m scared of who will see this – which is why i don’t ever put up my blog address anywhere! I just leave it in out there on the internet instead so some random stranger to see..HA #thatmakessenseright..

I do think it is time though to start writing some things done. I believe it will be good for me – get some of the chatter out of my head cause God knows a lot goes on in there #geminithing

So really….REALLY….i’m coming back to it!! even if someone randomly finds this somewhere so be it!! I’ll leave keep myself a secret from the world and just come here to write….simply to write..


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