i quit….

i quit…i quit….i quit…..!!!

my relationship with drinking has always been a very good one……well….not ALWAYS….but for the most part anyway. There are people who drink and become a monster, i know i dated one! And people who drink and fall all over the place. We call them the sloppy ones! And then there are people like me who drink……become friendly and happy….BUT talk A LOT! Become an open book. That’s my downfall….I talk! i say things i end up shaking my head about the next morning when i remember them. I had one of those mornings today. And i keep finding myself shaking my head as the day goes on. So i’ve made up my mind and i’m breaking up with vodka and wine. okay maybe “breaking up” is a little harsh BUT i am taking a little break from them. and why you might wonder…I’ll tell you why. I met him about a month ago and it really just started off as a random night in one of my favorites bars downtown. He came out of no where. But something about him got me. Got me good. i really thought the night would just end and i’d never see him again. Well i was wrong. I was just with him lastnight. drinking wine…..and becoming my open book self! Letting wayyyy too much out. i swear that wine lastnight was the devil. I’m still shaking my head. He must think i’m crazy. And if he doesn’t then I think I’m gonna like him a little more. I’m not really being hard on myself but at the same time I am. I guess at the end of the day all that matters is that I did have fun and i was myself. I know i’ll find someone who can handle that if this guy can’t. So I can’t completely be mad at the wine BUT i’m still talking a small break from it. if i see him again, wine or vodka are not allowed to come along for the ride. guess we’ll see what happens…