she was a girl…

She was a girl who always wondered about who she’d marry and spend her life with…..she was a girl who thought about her wedding day in a big white beautiful dress, dancing with her husband to their first dance. What song would they dance to?….what little touches would she add to her big day and most importantly, what would the man she’s married be like? What was his name, what color were his eyes, what did she love about him most?….She thought she came close to finding her future husband times before….but she was wrong. Four men she loved and gave her whole heart to left her life.  She gave them all the love she had inside.

She could cry herself to sleep, ask herself over and over again why these relationships didn’t turn into the real thing. Why she had some much damn love to give but no man to give it to. She could….

Instead, as hard as it is sometimes…and only sometimes….she still walks in her head held high and that feeling in her heart that she WILL be in that big white beautiful dress someday, dancing with her husband to the song they both pick for that prefect moment she’s been waiting so long for…

She doesn’t give up that dream or hope…..never..

she feels him in her heart, she knows one day he’ll walk right into her life and that will be when she wonders how she went so long without him and where he had been all those years before….she also will be grateful that the universe had finally brought them together in the end….she’ll be grateful that their two hearts finally came together….and then she’ll remember, she never gave up that hope or that feeling….the feeling that she just knew all along…knew it would happen.

Happy Valentine’s Day to such a strong girl…I am proud of myself..

maria xo

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