2013 – here we go….let’s do this!!!

hello to another year!! the year of 2013. I never really know what to expect when a new year approaches! Not sure how I feel or have any idea at all on what will happen! I have however decided to make some goals, some changes, and actually go through with them. I know how I am – I mean you know yourself better than anyone else can, right?! I always set these goals or think about them in my mind and get excited about doing them…I may start for awhile but then I just stop! somewhere along the way…i stop!! i’ve gotten better though – I set some goals just before christmas to get back into yoga and kickboxing and I actually did pretty good!! I got myself into a routine and actually felt great about it! but then christmas hit and all the craziness with it!! well, its now 2013 – christmas time is over and as of TOMORROW – i am getting back to it!!! i don’t have any excuses and it’s time for change! the change i’ve been talking about for so long now!! I write this blog for myself and no one else – so that I can let it out! Kinda like a personal diary for me! This will allow me to keep track – to come back and write more and continue to write! It’s time to follow through – if anything changes at all and anything comes out of this – following through is what I want to show for it……setting my goals and making them happen….if i don’t, no one else will….

cheers to an upcoming GREAT YEAR FOR 2013

MY year for good change, great love and lots of fun..