tattoo me…

After TWO years looking for the one tattoo artist i fell in love with (his work…) i finally found him!! thank goodness I stayed true to needing to find him again and not going to someone else to place a tattoo on me that i’ve been wanting to get for the last 5 years – maybe even longer. Long enough that I don’t really remember when the idea popped into my head to get it done. “I’ll ride the wave where it takes me” from pearl jam. I’m a girl who believes in fate! I always have…even in my darkest moments, I just know things always happen how they are suppose to. I can’t wait to have the words on my body as my reminder for how strong I think i’ve stayed in the last…ohhhh 27 years! I pat myself on the back. I am proud of who I’ve become. It was also the very first Pearl Jam song I ever fell in love with but I’ll get into that another day….

I’ve decided to get another tattoo as well and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Especially with all that has been going on lately – this is something good to look forward to! I love looking foward to things. I’ve getting the word “believe” tattooed on my finger – most won’t get why but then I stop and tell myself that they don’t have to get it because it’s not going to be on their body but mine. I know what that tattoo is going to mean to me – I have always been a “believer”..even when my life has gone to shit!….I’m not where I wanted to be at this time in my life and i do hear people around speak negative about our generation and how shit it’s become! how you can’t trust people anymore…how you can’t find your true love, a partner in crime….how you only have yourself and no one else. Well….that’s where my true believer comes out – I refuse to believe for a second any of that negative shit BUT believe in all the good shit instead. Don’t get me wrong, even I get low sometimes – I hit my breaking point! I ask quesitons like “what the hell is going on and when will things change for the better…” BUT my pushy believer side rings inside my body and I stop and tell myself “I don’t care how bad it seems now – I do BELIEVE it will get better…I do believe there’s good in people….I do believe I deserve only the best from people…I do believe I will get all the things in life that I truly want…I do believe I will find my perfect match. I refuse to be someone who doesn’t believe……so december 14th – Damian is going to tattoo that very strong word onto my finger so that anytime a little self doubt creeps in or someone else decides to hurt me, I can look at it and remind myself that I do believe things pass, things get better and I can have whatever I want from this life….always, no matter what!

Hope you all believe too…


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